Layla Lee

Hi! My Name Is Layla Lee

Layla is a purebred Pomeranian. She came from Aberdeen South Dakota and was purchased in a pet store by my granddaughter. She is between eight and 10 pounds and loves to be with her owner at all times. She loves car rides, and she has been a service dog for the last eight years. She does very well as a service dog when you take her grocery shopping in the cart. She doesn’t play with toys and she loves her treats. Layla is very smart, she plays hide and seek, and she will follow you around everywhere. She does like to sleep with you but either at the end of the bed or next to you at the top of the bed but not right on you. And she is in good health, loves to be taken everywhere. She usually only eats at night but I do keep food out for her during the day in case she wants to nibble at it. She is puppy pad trained so if you put a puppy pad down for her she will go to the bathroom on that. If you take her outside she will go to the bathroom outside as well. It is kind of iffy when traveling on a plane with her, she does not like being left alone, so I usually have to coax her with a treat to go out the door. I usually leave the TV on for her and light so she does not feel alone and for the most part she won’t bark although that is not a guarantee. She likes showing you that she is a baby bear, if you ask her for a kiss most of the time she will give you a kiss. If she gets mad at you she may pee on a rug to show you she’s mad. She is a one person dog, very loving. She does not do good around children or other adults, although if it’s someone she sees a lot with you she will let them pet her she will let them kiss kiss her she will lick them but you still need to be careful see it. she has separation anxiety so anyone besides you needs to approach her slowly put her hand out make sure she is receptive to being petted and then it should be OK. If she goes to hide in a corner or under something and you want to get her out I do not try to do this, let her come out on her own and everything will be OK. There have been times where she is went back-and-forth went in a little corner when I tell her it’s time to go bye-bye she plays the I’m not gonna go game but most of the time when she gets close to you you tell her stop and you’ll be able to put the leash on her . If not I have left her home and the next time she’s more receptive to coming with you. It’s a little game she plays. At night time when it’s bedtime I ask her are you ready goes happy and will run around excited. Usually at night if she has an eight I’ll look at her and tell her go eat go eat and she will she’ll look at you she’ll eat she come back you tell her to go eat and then she’ll eat her food it’s almost like she’s waiting for you to tell her it’s OK to eat strange. Same thing at bedtime ask her are you ready? And then you tell her go potty go potty that way she’ll go on the puppy pad and she’ll be OK for the night. If she doesn’t go potty she will wake you up in the middle of night or if you wake up in the middle of the night take her down to go potty she’ll do the little quiet roof off letting you know she hast to go. More or less Layla is a very loving baby she loves to be with you all the time she’s not a lapdog where she’ll sit on your lap but she will want to sit right next to you all the time. Perfect for one person . She loves riding in a car we came from Minnesota to St. Louis St. Louis to Florida. She loves camping and she just loves being with you. If you do take her where there’s another dog I keep her on a leash and she usually sits right with me she feels more comfortable that way. She does not like wearing clothes but I do put them on her anyway and she gets used to it but I don’t do that too often anymore only on special holidays.
  • Pomeranian 
  • Female
  • 12 Years OldMy DoB is 11/14/2011
  • 7 Pounds
  • Black & White
  • Affectionate
  • I Don't Like Kids
  • I Don't Like Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
  • I Don't Like Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Farm Animals
  • I'm Trained
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