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She Needs Your Help!

From Peaches' Foster Mom:

May 18


Peaches is still critical because they can't keep her blood levels up. Even with transfusions of PRBC so they were doing a whole blood transfusion today hoping that helps. They aren't ready to give up on her but her bills will sky rocket. She's worth it if she can just keep fighting. Please make a donation to the Buzz Rescue Group for Peaches.

We won't give up, but we can't do it without your help ❤️🐾

May 16

Our sweet girl made it through the night! The transfusion gave her poor heart some relief- now she is being wheeled into surgery to physically remove the worms that have invaded her heart... it is a very risky surgery, but is her only chance at survival.

Please keep all of the prayers and well-wishes coming!!! And donations are critical- her bills from this surgery and the other life-saving measures are going to run $5000+, and she will still need to go through heartworm treatment after this. We believe her life is 100% worth saving! Her whole life, people have let her down horribly- and now she has a whole army of amazing humans cheering her on, showing him love and championing his cause!

May 15

Peaches is being treated at Veterinary Specialty Services, a specialized emergency vet center in Los Angeles- the estimate for her care is $5,000.
They are going to transfuse her tonight, and hit her hard with a vasodilator to see if they can get the heartworm mass to move back- if that does not work, the cardiologist will attempt a surgical procedure to retrieve some of the worms. This is all very scary to us (and you can see how scared Peaches is 😭). We know she is in the very best hands, and you can see her will to live! KEEP THOSE PRAYERS AND WELL-WISHES COMING! 🙏🏻❤️

May 15

A Huge THANK YOU to all who have donated and are saying prayers...
Peaches made it to the vet, and is waiting to be taken in... poor baby looks so scared.
We will continue to update as we find things out- Stay strong sweet girl 💙

May 15


Peaches is still making her way to the emergency vet- it is a long journey to get her to a cardiac specialist who will hopefully be able to save her (a very special thanks to his angel caring for her and making the trip to get her there). We will update with any information as soon as she sees the vet...
PLEASE, PLEASE- any help you could give brings hope 🌤
Share like crazy and donate if you can-

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Cute fluffy golden labrador lying on the floor and enjoying little girl cuddling him at home
Golden retriever in the animal hospital. Veterinarians preparing the dog for surgery.
Dog in the animal hospital. Golden retriever lying on the operating room before surgery.
Golden retriever in the animal hospital. Veterinarian preparing the dog for surgery.